radical_dawg » I love your pic.
bonnach » tap tap tap... this thing working?
librarianne » Bwa ha ha ha ha....I have returned from a self-imposed anto-social spell.
Name » Message
Bonnach » Thank yew!
jr » cool site
Bonnach » It's hola, btw. Welcome! whoever you are. Are you Patrick Stewart and Dani Ashe?
Dani » konichiwa
Dani » yo
Dani » ohla
Patrick » ohla
Patrick » ohla
Jude » Love your profile pic
librarianguish » That's he'd, not he's
librarianguish » Long time no....I'm depressed too. My son said he's vote Kerry also.
Bonnach » OK!
California Perv » Dude, I picked up some kind of special edition "Dark City" at Best Buy for $5.99. I needed that film in my collection. Thanx for making me aware of.
Bonnach » I don't know what you're talking about dude. Didn't get any email.
California Perv » Hey, Bonn. I have a new isp. Bet you got the email. Please update it here. I still like your banter. Thanx.
Bonnach » How can you be so sure? I'll have to see some evidence. Something to compare them.
lady in RI » that's not my thong
Bonnach » Dis ting is werkin' for me. Maybee its your electronic brain actin' up?
Bonnach » I'm weird, but my name's not Andy.
esther » Weird, Andy.
esther » Hmm, why when I write something here doesn't it come up?
esther » That Nikki is such a blogslut.
Bonnach » Damn, I just love dem slap happy pengies!
Bonnach » It's working again now. I think my picture host's site was down for a while.
California Perv » The temple is an x on my computer. Did Raminta repossess it?
limechip » omg the penguins are back! yay!!
Bonnach » hey how ya doing?
esther » hey creepo
Bonnach » Saw Shrek 2 yesterday. It was pretty good. Not as good as the first one I don't think, but good nonetheless. Most of the jokes went over my daughter's head though.
Andy » You are popular tonight. Thank Helpee. It's his fault
bishopX » Glad to see the bonnachatorium is still spewing forth big guy!
Bonnach » *nods*
AARON! » I wish Jay would stop nodding at me
librarianne » Hey, I don't want to be left out of the fun either - hello to you cool cats!
Bonnach » Hey sulkster wazzup? I like your abode as well. I'll be over to leave a little puddle in your comment box later.
Sulkbrarian » the hell're you kids up to in here. i like it here. i'll be back, yo.
Bonnach » Check out www.catch.com. That's where I inhale my information firehose fashion. I'm also a moderator there.
librarianne » I don't know that I learn too much from surfing the net these days, my tendency is more towards the news which then irks me to no end.
Bonnach » I find that the more procrastinating I do, the more well rounded I get. I can't tell you how much I've learned from surfing the net when I should have been working.
librarianne » heh heh heh - now I'm 1414, but I had to cheat a little to get there....well rounded, or procrastinating?
Bonnach » You're well rounded?
librarianne » Huh. Now I'm visitor 1313. What does it all mean?!!!!!
California Perv » Happy April fools day, Bonnach!(I know, but I can't stay up that late)
librarianne » Oh happy day! I'm visitor 1111!!!!
Mal4242 » Banner is neat. Nice work Raminta.
Bonnach » My little visitor counter has gone over 1000. WOW. I've only had it up a couple months at most. Thanks for all you visitors. Hope I've not been too boring.
Bonnach » Where's your check? It's in the mail of course! Now where are my lobsters! huh? haha
limechip » wow, you and britters have the same bday... and that's just the tip of the iceberg as far as things yall have in common
raminta » yeah where's my check????
California Perv » Raminta did a great job! Perfect. I hope you paid her.
librarianne » This freakazoid says thanks to you too for the link
Mal4242 » I will start packing!
Bonnach » The principality of Kickassia
Mal4242 » What principality does the Clash rule? I would like to move there....
Bonnach » Yesh they do.
limechip » the clash rule
Bonnach » I don't know which is scarier, Hitler telling knock knock jokes or someone picking a nickname like Uncle poopoo...
Uncle poopoo » almost as scary as some of those bridesmaids dresses on your page alex! EEEK!
Uncle poopoo » Ahh, good, the anime one is back. i was getting used to the Hitler one, but I like the little stick figure guy better.
alex » very scary graphic above don't you all think!!!!
Bonnach » I don't know what happened to my anime guy. I miss him. Adolph is kinda funny with his knock knock though, so I'll keep him for a while.
the_professor » pie beats cake any day of the week (except maybe for thursday....)
Bonnach » I had cake today. The frosting was to die for!
limechip » i love cake, the food AND the band
Bonnach » Took me a couple hours, but yes I did. *bows*
raminta » HEY you finally fixed it! bravo
cross » that gif is amazing
beechy » i enjoy your pictures of the day they're fun!!
aNNabaNAna » nice blog here
limechip » hey bonnach, hope you feel better. the flu sucks! and very sorry if i've got old news, i'm catching up with people's blogs and such
limechip » dirty er i mean merry xmas right back atcha!
California Perv » http://playerthree.n et/shuffle.php
California Perv » Dude, another birthday? Isn't that three this year?
limechip » Bonn if you're still up.... happy birthday! drop by my blog, there's a present for you
Bonnach » There's another penguin one where the one penguin trips the other one into the water. I like the slap on the back of the head better. And thanks again!
Olaf » Don't sweat the complaining. Your blog is always a good read. I hope the penguins give you a nice wet hug for your b-day.
Olaf » Sometimes my eye catches those penguins of yours, and the next thing I know ten minutes have passed.
Bonnach » I've also noticed that I seem to be complaining a lot lately. Sorry about that. I'm not that grumpy really. I just like to complain I guess. eh
Bonnach » You're a day early actually Olaf. And thanks! I had a six day weekend, so I thought I'd write it up 2 days at a time. I should have shopping nightmares for today Woo hoo!
Olaf » Bonnach, Happy Birthday. A day late, but I hope you had a good one.
Bonnach » Oh, and I don't EVER flirt with you? I'll have everyone know that Esther is a dirty birdy! What? You're not surprised? Damn....
esther » You two are just such dirty flirties.
Bonnach » Yeah yeah. I believe you. You love me, like, SOOOO much. I'm on to you! I bet you use emoticons all the time too. Meet me in London, and dress up as a chambermaid...
limechip » Hey bonnster, happy turkey day. i'm trying to avoid my family as much as possible. so i'm not really writing b/c i like you or anything. dear god, i just used an emoticon. eek
bonnach » I did. Thanks! Unfortunately I don't think my talk w/ my boss achieved anything. He still doesn't get that the whole thing wasn't just about the chair. *sigh*
limechip » hey bonnster, hope you had a better day today w/ minimal beast encounters
bonnach » thanks limey. And it's all true.
nik nik nik » wow...
limechip » as told by librarians
limechip » lol bonnach, that's priceless. thanks. now i'm in the mood to throw some library stories on the blog myself. maybe we should set up a website dedicated to stories of college students from hell
bonnach » You got it limey! I've got a million of em.
limechip » hey bonnie prince bonnie, whats up. nothing super-exciting to say, just hi. hey throw in some library-patrons-from -hell stories if you have the time, i miss working at the library...
bonnach » Sue, you are so vain. Freckles are cute! Especially when they are in shapes of states.
auntiesue » Rhode Island, yes. Freckles on my ass, um no. Sorry...
auntiesue » hello?is this thing ON?
esther » Guh! Until you announced it to the world I was all for full on public exhibitionism, dirty goat sex in the middle of the street, but now that everyone knows ....