Entry: I don't have a clue... Saturday, August 05, 2006

To what they're talking about, but you must must MUST watch the video.  It's memelicious!


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January 21, 2011   06:10 AM PST
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August 6, 2006   04:38 PM PDT
Just messing with you. My blog? I'm kinda..."been there, done that." My whole internet interest has slowed quite a bit.
August 6, 2006   12:12 AM PDT
I try and I try, and what do I get?

Your little blog thing is looking spectacular too Bill.
August 5, 2006   07:39 PM PDT
I've seen this before. I felt it was too stupid to post. Good post, Bon.
August 5, 2006   10:05 AM PDT
I think the message is, if you wear spandex and take pictures of yourself, you will become famous! Famous to internet geeks, but still...
August 5, 2006   09:08 AM PDT
that is so fucking funny because i was going to email this to you the other day... and then i thought... nah... he's probably already seen it

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