Entry: I'm still alive Monday, February 06, 2006

I guess I better say something before they delete my blog or something.  Perhaps a little news of my goings on?  Ah, I knew you'd be interested in that!  Well who wouldn't be!? 

I just got up from a little nappy wappy.  I have Mondays off you see.  Monday is my Sunday, hence the naps and rampant video watching.  I've watched 3 films already today, and it's only 2:00.  First was Wonder Boys, which I have rented and borrowed about 27 times and never got around to watching until now, and I was much the richer for having avoided it.  After it was over I took a shower and realized, as I looked into the mirror, that my hair was getting as grey and long as Michael Douglas'.  Does that mean I can pick up women 1/2 of my age now?

Next on the watch list was Magnolia.  I was able to get about 10 minutes into it before I realized/remembered that Tom Cruise was in it.  Fortunately for me, the DVD kept seizing up on me and I was able to eject before I was sucked into one more of his pointless projects.

Feeling a bit dirty from that experience, I popped in Moby Dick.  The Gregory Peck one.  Did you know that John Huston and Ray Bradbury co-wrote the script?  And I had forgotten that Orsen Welles played the preacher-man in the ship pulpit.  Unfortunately, my nap hit me soon after Ishmail and Queg-Queg signed on to the crew of the Pequod.  So actually I haven't watched 3 films today, but I tried.  Really I did.

As for what I've been doing during this long lull from blogging, well, there's probably been a lot of things going on, but few that I really want to share.  Suffice to say, work is great, relations with the wifey are good again (it's been awhile), and I'm starting to learn to have some patience with my kids.  But damn, that last one hard to do. What I need is a new car.  My  wife is  working somewhat steadily for the public schools here as an office substitute and has an interview for a temporary (6 month) job at the library this week. 

Next Sunday, she and I are going to see John Cleese.  It's some comedy routine about skinning ocelots.  Or not.  I've been looking forward to that for months and months. 

Having a university concert hall right up the street can be pretty handy sometimes.  J. took the kids up there Saturday to hear the local orchestra practice for a concert, for free.  She said the place was packed.  I bet when they play for money nobody shows up.

Well, not much else is going on.  I may go back and finish up Moby now.  Or take another nap.  It's a toss up.  Having just practiced dodging bullets, I don't think I can sleep.  And watching this old classic hasn't helped either.

Here are a couple other videos for you to watch.
This one gives me a headache.

While this one makes me want to take up skydiving... or something.


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