Entry: Does every woman wear a thong these days? Thursday, December 15, 2005

Not that I'm complaining... I'm just starting to wonder is all.  I was out walking around town on my lunch hour and I kind fell in behind a couple women, about my age (maybe a couple years younger), and I noticed they had really nice assage. They were either going commando or wearing thongs.  Needless to say, I slowed down my pace so I could enjoy the view for a while.  After lunch (which was a fabulous roasted chicken sammich with huge chunks of veggies on flat bread) I was walking back to work and fell in behind a couple, one of whom was a woman, in her upper 30s at least, with just the most perfect ass I've ever seen.  She was wearing the tightest of tight pinstripe pants that were really riding up and in.  I couldn't figure out why she didn't have the urge to pull 3 square yards of her pants out of her crack.  I suppose you think I'm a perv.  I'll have you know I was taking the scenic route today.


December 15, 2005   09:56 PM PST
You know, I'm generally a breast fan, but I've just noticed all the fine bootay around here lately. Maybe it's the hills, and everyone rides bikes...
California Perv
December 15, 2005   08:08 PM PST
Ignore that witch. She has an "East coast attitude!.'
Lady Penelope
December 15, 2005   12:52 PM PST
So you still hate California, huh? God it must be tough. You probably want to come back and shovel snow for subtitled sometime soon. Most of my friends wear hipsters, must be a west coast thing.
December 15, 2005   08:42 AM PST
You're sick. I like that. I have that Stephen Lynch video, it's great.

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