Entry: Havin' a whale of a good time Friday, October 14, 2005

I guess I can't find time for this blog unless I'm feeling miserable.  But I had to share this picture with y'all. 

I live in a little slice of heaven here, eh?  I wish I had seen that in person!  More nice pictures here. The last time I went out on a boat from Morro Bay was when I was a little shaver and went deep sea fishing.  I puked my guts out for about 3 hours straight.  Then when I felt better, I threw my line in and caught a couple dozen fish.

I may have a chance to update y'all on a few more cool things this weekend.


November 14, 2005   05:39 PM PST
Beautiful shot bonnach.
California Perv
October 15, 2005   04:29 PM PDT
October 14, 2005   09:43 AM PDT
LOL Krissy!
Lady Penelope
October 14, 2005   01:17 AM PDT
Beautiful. Is that Bill?

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