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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Being a Dud.. er I mean Dad...

So, I never really wanted, like really really REALLY wanted to have have kids.  But now that I have 2 little girlies, it's not as bad as I had thought it would be.  Even with girls.  I dunno, I find I can't relate to a lot of what they like to do and stuff, but I love them very dearly and they are precious.  They have me wrapped around their fingers.  Sigh... life ain't too bad as a Dad. 

In the last couple weeks I taught my 8 yr. old how to ride a bike and she's really so happy about it.  She had been so afraid of not having training wheels and falling over, but once she finally got going it was like a duck to water.  We went riding together the other day, just the 2 of us.  It was a nice day.  Later, she and I and my 3 yr. old went to see Cars (which was pretty good, though some critics say it sucks.  I don't know why they would say that.  Like all the Pixar stuff it was well done and left me feeling emotional in the end.  but whatever... *waving my hands like that's not important*)  It was nice having the girls with me without my wife because they tend to gravitate toward her when she's around.  But when it's just me, they are all over me with their love.  Anyway, the 8 yr. old loved the movie as did the 3yr old (even though she slept on my lap through half of it.  Geez, kids weigh a ton when they are all limp don't they?). 

Next weekend we're going to have a walk through of our new house which will be empty by then.  I'm really looking forward to moving in, but not the actual move.  Moving is such a drag.  We've been in our current house about 9 months, and I'm not relishing taking all this shit apart and putting it all together again.

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June 14, 2006   09:04 AM PDT
New house. I hate you. I live in a 600 sq.ft. POS!

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