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Thursday, June 01, 2006
Tall Lesbians...

in extra tight tights are hot ... In case you didn't realize that before. 

Anyway, just trying to keep this blog from being booted because of inactivity.

Oh yeah, we are buying a house.  It's awesome.  Looks somewhat like this, except with more mature trees in front and needing a new roof. We think this is the owner, who we haven't met yet. You know that I've got to meet him!  It was a rental and the latest tenents are Methodist pastors, so it's in great shape.  The pentagram on the floor of the garage could have been put there by anyone!

That is all.  Seeya in 4-6 months I guess.

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Spit out on Thursday, June 01, 2006 by bonnach

June 2, 2006   11:15 PM PDT
mmmmmmmmm......Tasty babes!
June 2, 2006   09:52 PM PDT
Ummm... not really. We don't have any Metropoli or Gothami around here. It's all Smallville. No smog, just sunshine, babes and tasty waves.
June 2, 2006   09:26 AM PDT
i have something for you... you need to email me your address ... (at the gmail acct. not the aol)

oh and

June 2, 2006   09:09 AM PDT

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